Narsilion is the "Song of the Sun and Moon", telling of their creation: After the Two Trees of Valinor were poisoned, Manwë commanded Yavanna and Nienna to attempt to heal the Trees. Yavanna sang and Nienna wept, but to little avail until at last Telperion bore one silver flower and Laurelin a single golden fruit. These Yavanna took and gave to Aulë. Manwë hallowed them and Aulë and his people made vessels to hold them and preserve their radiance. Varda then took the vessels and gave them the power to traverse the lower regions of Ilmen.

The Legacy of Narsilion is a casual kinship on the Arkenstone (formerly Elendilmir) server aimed at simply having fun within Lord of the Rings Online and bringing light to the darkness -- be it through questing as heroes or helping new players. Founded by active players to escape empty kinships, we just want to enjoy the game with others who appreciate it. We don't focus on raids, we don't require the use of voice programs, and we're more than happy to help new players get started on the right foot (or the left -- we won't judge!). Current members enjoy explorer deeds, the epic storyline, festivals and delving into class structures. Crafting, mounted combat, cosmetic-hunting, skirmishes and chicken play are in our repertoire as well!

2017 is going to bring more exciting content to an already amazingly diverse Middle-Earth!  We're looking for members who want to enjoy these new experiences along with everything else! Please use the 'Apply to Kinship' link on the top left of the page to join us here on the site and in-game.

• Founder: Aarawynn, Hunter. Happy to answer any questions you might have about the kinship and probably the most active player in the bunch!
     Main alts: Sabelle, Fylgja.

• First Officer: Eyarn, Lore-master. Herald of silly. Probably chasing after Fylgja. Slayer of Orcs, Goblins and Stray Hobbitses. Gandalf's rival.
     Main alt: Gascoigne. 

• Second Officer: Dvaran, Guardian. Trying to keep up with his zealous hunter partner, and rather obsessed with crafting whatever he can for whomever he can!
     Main alt: Rikti. 

• Honor Guards: Open Positions! (Help out in general and lead groups of kinship members in questing, instances, games, roleplay, etc.)